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Jyoti is an Image Consultants from the “Image Consulting Business Institute” and is a NABET accredited trainer.

BIANHUA was born with two firm ‘believers of metamorphosis’.

She see herself as a catalyst of transformation. While her individual journey began on a different trail, the serendipitous discovery of the Daoist Buddhist word Bianhua (metamorphosis) clinched her dream to train people in the transformation of their own images – from the way they think and feel about themselves, to the visual impression they create on their personal, professional and business arenas.

Bianhua is a training company which specializes in Image Management and Soft Skills training for individuals, facilitators and management, across all industries. They recognize that any metamorphosis is a journey and emphasize that their role is to enable and encourage people to be the best versions of themselves!

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Jyoti Pathania Salwan

Director & Founder
Jyoti has been a part of the Education Industry for over 18 years, both in the capacity of a Teacher and an award-winning Trainer. With a BA, B.ed, MBA background, she has trained C-suites, Teachers School management, Housewives More about Jyoti

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Our mission is to accompany you in your personal and professional success by handholding you in your challenges and help you showcase a strong and authentic image. Its time to shine bright and experience your own unique style.

We provide customized training to cater to the needs and requirements of our clients keeping in mind the domains of learning – Cognitive (thinking), Affective(emotions) and Psychomotor(kinesthetics). You are free to custom fit our services in parts or as a whole, as per your requirements.

The training/consulting is provided to:

  • One on One
  • Cohorts
  • Groups & for all age groups.


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