Are you smarter than you present yourself?


We live in a visual world and so it is important to understand that even before we get a chance to make a verbal impact, we are already judged (consciously & subconsciously) on our personal appearance, our body language and the clothes we are have worn.

People THIN-SLICE us at all times!

Hence, it becomes imperative for us to present our best to the world at all times especially when representing one’s organisation or country. After all, our appearance is a reflection of our own self-esteem.

Good grooming and a fine appearance goes a long way to tell people that we respect ourselves and that we would like to be taken seriously. Remember, “The first step to being respected is to look respectable.’ No one will ever respect someone who doesn’t respect him/herself!

We only get one shot to make a first impression. And the easiest way to begin is -‘DRESS TO IMPRESS’ & a positive and confident BODY LANGUAGE.

So, let’s set the tone for all our future meetings by prepping ourselves to present our best version to the world!